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To Bathe or not to Bathe and the reason for this discussion:

It always comes down to Post Grooming Furunculosis (PGF). Lots of discussion and outdated or anecdotal information around this, but if you dig deeper, then…

You open the pores and increase the bloodflow in the skin when taking the hair out. All what’s already on the dog’s skin from sebum via the natural ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, mites and of course debris (and stripping chalk) which collects over time have now more access to the follicle.

That’s why you bathe with cooler water and ideally sensitive or soothing shampoo after: clean the skin and close the pores. Some advice is to use a “follicle flushing” shampoo, but most of them are only available on vet prescription in UK. So aloe, primrose or oatmeal shampoo would be a good alternative.

Personally I use conditioner only on dogs where we need to avoid breakage of hair such as Wire Fox Terriers, but not Border Terrier  or Parson Russells, where you don’t have to preserve any intricate hairgrowth on the head or legs.

PGF is not caused by stripping itself, but by unhygienic environment, including but not limited to old (pre-mixed) shampoo.


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