Beginner Handstripping Kit

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Are you brand new to handstripping? Don’t know what tools to buy?

That’s where this bundle comes in: all blunt, hand dulled tools! No risk of cutting coat and using those tools makes your life so much easier and your job considerably faster!

The Beginner Kit includes:

This will make short work of your “hairy fairies” like Airedale, Wire Fox Terrier, Norwich and Norfolk. It will make your life much easier on blown coats, too like Border Terrier, Parson and Jack Russell, Irish Terriers without the abundance of undercoat.

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Are you brand new to handstripping? Don’t know what tools to buy? We have you covered with our Beginners Hand Stripping Kit!

Our Beginners Kit has everything that you need to start handstripping your dog; no matter what your breed.
All tools are hand-dulled so you will not cut a dog’s hair!

Step 1: Use the Teflon Coated Anti-static Comb – to move smoothly through the coat to help remove any tangles and prepare the coat for hand stripping.

Step 2: Use the Twin King 2n1 Undercoat Rake to remove the dead undercoat without cutting the top coat. Please hold the skin tight and why you should do it. is explained here.

Step 3: Use the Diamond Edition “Shorty” Stripping Stone to start pulling the hard top coat
The Shorty stripping stone has a straight edge like a stripping knife but will NOT cut the hair; it is coated metal. You will find it to be a well balanced, comfortable tool, and will help you learn the proper stripping technique before you move on to stripping knives.

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