Handstripping – what you need to know.


Handstripping – what you need to know.

Explains in understandable terms: Why – when – what and how.

It was originally planned as a Mini-Series for owners who have or have not heard about it. Owners and beginners who didn’t even know what they need to do in terms of coat care or how to start. Ever recurring questions “what does this word / that word mean” are answered as well.
Then the content grew so now this is the summary of “what you need to know”.

£ 1 from every download will be donated to the Parson Russell Terrier Welfare, who helped Connie to find us.


Handstripping – what you need to know.

It is a matter of my terrier affection to teach owners, grooming apprentices, beginners and also seasoned groomers why and how to care for a handstripped coat.
No, it isn’t “just for showdogs”, yes, it is work, yes, it will take time and yes it also takes a bit of theoretical foundation to know what exactly you are doing.

Give it a go – your dog needs it and s/he deserves it, too.

Terriers and handstripped coats

This is Connie – we adopted her December 2016 at the age of nearly 9 years old with the help of The Parson Russell Terrier Welfare (prtwelfare @ outlook.com). After short but rapid decline of her health we needed to let her go on the 17th February 2023, shortly after her 16th birthday. This fundraiser is in memory of this wonderful little dog.

I have written articles for the Yearbooks of Parson Russell Terrier Club in UK (2019 and 2021). The last one about handstripping was also taken on by the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America (Nook July 2022). It has been translated into German and will be published there as well.

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