Reusable Finger Cots with Grip

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The add-on to your tools when every hair counts!

Latex finger cots that can be reused. They protect your skin and enhance grip for hair removal thanks to its non-slip coating. Work alone or with your preferred stripping knife!

These reusable finger cots are perfect for hand stripping show dogs, working on details like cowlicks and blending where every hair is important, and they are a great help for coat restauration. If the coat has been clipped or stripped with a sharp stripping knife, they help to get a grip on the previously damaged hair, but you can still feel which hair you can pull and which do not come out that easily. Make space once more in the follicle to produce more hairs. This helps to make your dog’s coat rough and wiry again!

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When every hair counts!

Reusable finger cots made from latex. Protects the skin and the non-slip finish improves grip for removing hair.
Use alone or with your favourite stripping knife!
These Finger Cots ensure a gentle yet firm grip on your dog’s hair and skin, eliminating chances of any damage during hair removal. This makes them the preferred choice for grooming show dogs, where every single hair matters.

Powder-free latex rubber Finger Cots in packs of 15 in 2 different sizes: medium or large.

  • Medium (25mm diameter)*
  • Large (28mm diameter) which you might need for your thumb *

Length each approx. 7cm*

15 per package
To reuse, simply wash the outside with a touch of dish soap.

* All measurements are approximate.

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15 pieces


Large, Medium


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